Dear reader,
Over the lifetime of this blog, my earliest posts have been pushed into obscurity. This page is home
to all the posts that have been published on this blog.While sketches, photographs and digital art have dedicated pages for them, the posts that I have written, need a little explanation.Almost all that I write is inspired by the people I meet, their experiences, events that take place around me, things I do, and my thoughts. For a long time I found it extremely hard to categorise posts on this blog. After over a year and a half of figuring my way, I’ve managed to define what I write – in a rather abstract way.There is a story behind every person, place, action, object and thought – in short, everything. These are filed under ‘Stories‘.
Reflections on personal experiences find a home under ‘Musings‘.
My range of hobbies is an ever-growing one. Things I love to do, are found in ‘Hobbies‘.

Often these categories overlap, and occasionally, there are posts which do not come under any of these. These are filed under the rather unimaginatively named ‘Miscellaneous‘ category.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the posts. The posts will be very happy πŸ™‚
20 September 2012

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