Conversations Over Cream Coffee

Coffee Pot

We read the menu pasted on the wall, and ordered ourselves 'Hot Cream Coffee'. A little while later, the waiter kept a pot of coffee for each of us, with cups, spoons, and a small bowl of sugar.

A Limited Palette, Unlimited Possibilities

Dragon Blink

The Daily Post asks, "Are animated GIFs the stuff of junior highschool hijinks or, are they the political cartoons of the new millennium? What do you think?"


peacock sketch

This coming week, India celebrates Karthik Poornima. The peacock is Lord Karthikeya's vaahana (vehicle).

Waiting at the airport

She looked around, trying to amuse herself. Near one of the check-in counters, she caught two gentlemen picking up their passes. Gosh they looked awfully familiar! Where could she have seen them?

Taking Payal Home

She held on to the railing, and took one step on the staircase. She dragged herself slowly, up one step. It was then, that I observed her.

The Rare One

One Paisa

If the value of the three paisa coin has appreciated, then I am perhaps responsible for the fortunes of another girl 😀



It's been a very weird past week or so... I have not really had much inspiration to write. To get my mind off, and to 'renew' my thought process, I pulled out a make-up kit, and tried to photograph it.

Happy Deepavali!

Diya Painting

Today, on the festive occasion of Diwali, I painted this little Diya... Here's hoping every home has a lamp, and a bright future. Wishing everyone a very happy, cracker-free and safe Diwali!

Around The World – Without Going There!

Coin Album

Foreign Coins. Some from another country, others, from another time!