Behind the sounds

Entering the bar, the small stage was straight up ahead—the drums, electric guitars, the tabla, all set up, lit beautifully. The mikes stood straight, the huge speakers on either side waiting for the music to flow through them. The few seats on the left were exclusively for patrons; the bartenders were on the right. 9:40 … Continue reading Behind the sounds

Music on the move

Of all my childhood memories, our Saturday routine has perhaps left the biggest imprint. Every Saturday, we went to the Vinayak Temple and the adjoining market at Sarojini Nagar. Appa drove his old Premier Padmini - we used to call it the Fiat - on the near empty roads. The FM radio in the car was … Continue reading Music on the move

Meet Leo

This is post #24 in this year's NaBloPoMo, or as Ra calls it Nano Poblano NaBloPoMo = National Blog Posting Month = Thirty straight days of blogging

Ready to play

I was invited by my friend to attend a choir competition to celebrate the founder's day of a Church. The competition included solos, duets and quartets. The main event was the choir in which seven teams from different Prayer groups across the city competing. The stage's backdrop was decorated with balloons to make it look … Continue reading Ready to play

Timeless music

Listening to music, I am transported back in time. From nimble stringed instruments To husky voices. The energetic percussion Keeping feet and thumbs tapping. Eyes closed, Letting the music transcend. From the swaying head To the melting heart. The music player is older than my memories The sound as young as ever.

The magic of Margazhi

Kolam at Chidambaram Temple

While I was in Chennai last year, I received a message from a friend of mine: 'So are you coming tomorrow?' 'I'm in Chennai right now', I replied. 'Ooh Margazhi. Have fun!' I didn't understand what she meant by that. I had visited Chennai during the winter months a few times in the past, but apart … Continue reading The magic of Margazhi

Just For Joy

In our school, starting from the fourth standard, all students were put in 'houses'. Each house had an associated colour - red, yellow, blue and green. Inter-house competitions were organised across several disciplines, and at the end of the year, one house was declared the overall winner. Now I'm not sure if there was a sorting … Continue reading Just For Joy

Waiting at the airport

She looked around, trying to amuse herself. Near one of the check-in counters, she caught two gentlemen picking up their passes. Gosh they looked awfully familiar! Where could she have seen them?

And There Was A Painting

Fish out of water

We travelled for three days on the crowded train - there were more than two hundred of us, and only a hundred confirmed tickets. A bus journey from Dimapur brought us to the campus of Nagaland University, located atop the hills, in Kohima. Exhausted after the journey, we didn't bother about blankets, as we fell … Continue reading And There Was A Painting

The Scrapbook


This post belongs to the original post titled 'Letting Go' I pulled out the scrapbook from the bottom of the cupboard with the intention of scanning a few pages. The paper has yellowed, the edges of the paper are torn, and damp hands have removed some of the colour. But as I flipped through it … Continue reading The Scrapbook