This is me

Dear reader,

Born on the 19th of February 2011, this blog was set up with the intent of serving as an online portfolio. Over the past several months, it has grown to accommodate more than just my work. It has transformed into a journal which chronicles my journey towards finding myself.

The blog was set up with dedicated pages for sketches, photographs, and digital art. As a student exploring many more facets of digital art, this page now hosts some other work which does not fit into the airtight compartments of the other pages.

Thank you for visiting, and I do hope you enjoy your time on this blog.


Mr Paper

A short advertisement for a fictitious company – nominated for best TV advertisement, Wide Angle 2012

Killer Spirit

A short 2d animated film – second runners-up, 2d animation, north zone Creative Minds 2011

The Lost Sultanate

A documentary that I planned for

Change of Guard

A documentary that just happened (after we went for the ceremony and my brother had taken some nice photographs)


As part of our graduation (commerce), we had to prepare a project. Since it was compiled solely fromΒ on-lineΒ sources, I uploaded theΒ document to Scribd.

External Links

My Sketching Teacher
I Love 2 See India – A travel Blog
R. Karthik’s photostream
Atul’s Blog – Team Member for Killer Spirit. We were also involved in creating a flash-based website, which, unfortunately, no longer exists

27 replies on “This is me”

Nice, a idle mind is a devil’s workshop.. so I’m gald to see that someone has a creative touch in them.. well lots of people do but since i don’t I end up admiring people who do! Alright now, lots of luck. Do great with the blog and with everything else that appeals to you.


Dear Sister,

I’m so glad that I found your website . . . .
Like you, I just recently decided to curate my life on the web.
The first “memoir” piece I put up was about my Sas.
As I was looking for a link to explain the term “Pati” I ran across your lovely story, “The Scarf”.
Hope it is ok, but your site is now the reference page people will see when reading my own.
Thank you!


I sat through all your videos. Nice work I might add.

1773 must have been during the waning years of the Mughal empire. That must be spectacular to watch. I might include this aa a project of mine when I come to India.

Any how you have put in a lot of work….Congratulations!!! Now you should graduate to the next level and may be we can hear about you up there.

In fact I’m in the process of putting a script for a narrative and I what to shot the whole movie in India.

Once again Great work!!!

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πŸ™‚ Thank you so much! It’s been a while since I’ve done any video work. Thank you for your encouragement! Maybe I can do some work in future. Fingers crossed!

Would love to see your movie πŸ™‚


Thanks for your comments, I am working on a short movie, I started it last year but couldn’t finish it. I plan to finish it in the spring and summer, once the weather gets warmer. I will keep you informed. But the bigger one may take some time to pull off. I really, really hope to accomplish it.

Thanks once again for your reply I really appreciate it.

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Hey! This is, hopefully, the most automated comment you will ever-ever receive from me. I’ve popped over to say I finally put together the blogroll for NanoPoblano, I wanted you to check it out, and make sure that (1) you still want to participate and (2) your blog name is written as you want it written, and (3) I didn’t leave out super important information. Then, leave a comment introducing yourself. This is the page I’ll be directing people to through the month, so I’m hoping they’ll see your comment and be excited to go check you out. It should say something like, “Hey, Cheer Peppers– I’m So&So. I write about such&such. Come by and say hey.” I’ll be pruning comments on that page so it’s just link backs from posts, positive Pepper messages, and your intro. I’ll be sharing the page tomorrow night, all over town, so if you can put something up before then, that’d be awesome. If not, no worries, we have a whole month to go. ❀


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