Musings of an Eccentric Mind

There is a story behind everything we see and interact with.

People speak with the lines on their faces, and the sparkle in their eyes. Cities tell their tales through the buildings, stones and rivers that flow through them. The story of a brand is represented by its logo and its customer’s experience. 

Hi, my name is Kasturika. And I tell stories — of people, experiences and ideas.

Design Tuesdays

Design Tuesdays is an experiment in reverse social media — instead of emails with links to the blog, the stories are self-contained in the e-letters, and are aimed at generating conversations, the way letters were originally intended to.

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The Big Foot

We all leave footprints. What does your footprint look like?

The Big Foot is a channel focussing on the impact humans have had on the planet – from handing down colossal architectural feats to the state of the planet going forward.

From the blog

The flickering flame

The tiny bulb burned itself out. And so did her friends. But the night was far darker than all of them combined. “Oh what’s the point?” they sighed. “But that IS the point,” said the divine light. “Darkness will always exist. In the skies above and in lost souls below. It is your duty to […]

A playlist for peace

I don’t need to go to a temple, or speak a certain language, to speak with my God, he said. Language and form shouldn’t come in the way of spirituality and peace of mind. So, here is a feel-good playlist for peace.

The ‘unrefined’ cake

For over three years now, we’ve tried to keep certain items out of our kitchen — refined flour and refined sugar. Refined flour was easy to keep out. Sugar, is a different matter — because we occasionally make sweet dishes, and guests shouldn’t be forced to drink sugarless tea or coffee. And so, we buy […]

A ‘date’ with a cake

Baking fascinates me — especially when the aroma of fresh cookies and cakes fills up the home. Growing up, birthdays were made extra special with home-baked cake. I’d eagerly wait for my mother to whip up the cake batter. When she transferred the batter to the greased cake tin, I’d grow impatient. ‘Why are you […]

Rooting for the underdogs – Deja Vu

Four GOATs, three days, two titles, one glorious sport It feels like the summer of 2014. The same anticipation. The same hopes. The same fears. And the same feeling of gratitude. What a wonderful era of tennis. Today, three of the greatest champions of men’s tennis take centre stage. As in 2014, the fan in […]

What my ego taught me

Picture any coming-of-age movie with bratty teenagers making life miserable for their teacher. That was math class in my school.  My math teacher in senior high school was a brilliant teacher. Gentle, patient, knowledgeable, and effortlessly simplified complex concepts for those of us who were terrible in mathematics. His only flaw, was that he was […]

Finding priorities

Everyday, while performing mundane tasks, such as doing the dishes, I open the YouTube App on my phone, and allow it it show me videos that it has learned to curate for me. For the most part, the app gets it right — US-based late-night political comedies and TED talks. Today, this talk popped up […]

A whole new world

(Continued from “We’ll draw a green thumb”) I watched my father-in-law poke a few holes into the bag with the screwdriver. He left it in the corner, and turned around to find me in a happy daze. Here I was fretting about the lack of an actual ground. ‘One can’t possibly compost without a hole […]