Musings of an Eccentric Mind

There is a story behind everything we see and interact with.

People speak with the lines on their faces, and the sparkle in their eyes. Cities tell their tales through the buildings, stones and rivers that flow through them. The story of a brand is represented by its logo and its customer’s experience. 

Hi, my name is Kasturika. And I tell stories — of people, experiences and ideas.


From the blog

A Ray of Hope

I took out the sketchbook from my cupboard, and began drawing. I don’t quite remember, why. I didn’t set out to draw anything in particular. Perhaps, I had just wanted to rediscover what it felt like, to put pencil on paper. After about an hour, I felt happy with what I had drawn. I wrote…

The flickering flame

The tiny bulb burned itself out. And so did her friends. But the night was far darker than all of them combined. “Oh what’s the point?” they sighed. “But that IS the point,” said the divine light. “Darkness will always exist. In the skies above and in lost souls below. It is your duty to…


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The Big Foot

We all leave footprints. What does your footprint look like?

The Big Foot is a channel focussing on the impact humans have had on the planet – from handing down colossal architectural feats to the state of the planet going forward.

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Design Tuesdays is an experiment in reverse social media — e-letters that are aimed at generating conversations, the way letters were originally intended to. There’s no ‘read more’. Only a reply.

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