Thank you :)

Today is a special day. I hear it's the Thanksgiving weekend around most places in the world. And while I have very little knowledge of this holiday, as it's not something my family celebrates, I find it a lucky coincidence that it is today, that I am reaching a milestone. This post, is number 300 … Continue reading Thank you 🙂

What’s your story?

You can lie all you want. You can hide behind your mask. You don't need to tell me, And I will not ask. You may deny it, And say all is fine. But it's written on your forehead, Across every single line. You must be patient, Soldier on. Let go of your worries, It's time … Continue reading What’s your story?

Ink-Stained Fingers

I have a love-hate relationship with pens. I love them, and they hate me.

Why Blog?


Elizabeth Gilbert, author of 'Eat Pray Love', talks about creativity as an external 'genie', and how creativity comes to an artist, instead of creativity coming from within an artist. Are you in touch with your genie?

In Search Of A Voice

At the beginning of the week, I thought I would try my hand at this week's writing challenge... I've been wanting to write about my favourite author for such a long time. But it's been a rather busy week... Perhaps I'll write about that some other time. For now, I present to you... Mr Bond, … Continue reading In Search Of A Voice

A Whimsical Post

24 June 2012 After spending an evening at my aunt's house, I thought I had an idea for another blog post. I didn't know what I would actually write - I had just one line. When we were about to leave, my aunt asked me if I needed a diary. "I have a plain unruled … Continue reading A Whimsical Post