Thank you :)

Today is a special day. I hear it's the Thanksgiving weekend around most places in the world. And while I have very little knowledge of this holiday, as it's not something my family celebrates, I find it a lucky coincidence that it is today, that I am reaching a milestone. This post, is number 300 … Continue reading Thank you 🙂

WPC: Connected

Earlier we used to write letters on paper. Today, we send instant messages. Earlier long distance calls were few and far between. Today, it's cheaper than ever to talk to loved ones. Earlier media was owned by a few people. While mainstream media is still owned by a few people with vested interests, social sharing … Continue reading WPC: Connected

Why Blog?


Elizabeth Gilbert, author of 'Eat Pray Love', talks about creativity as an external 'genie', and how creativity comes to an artist, instead of creativity coming from within an artist. Are you in touch with your genie?

A forced break!

Dear Reader, It's been a while since I updated something here. Its been a while since I've even been to WordPress. My offline world has overtaken this online world - for now. It's been that way for more than a month, and the last few posts have been rather short. I haven't been able to … Continue reading A forced break!

The Good, Bad, and the Incomplete!

The Gift

The year in review

In Search Of A Voice

At the beginning of the week, I thought I would try my hand at this week's writing challenge... I've been wanting to write about my favourite author for such a long time. But it's been a rather busy week... Perhaps I'll write about that some other time. For now, I present to you... Mr Bond, … Continue reading In Search Of A Voice

Teacher’s Day Out

Happy Teacher's Day

Today is Teachers' Day in India - in honour of Dr S Radhakrishnan. In the small primary school that my mother volunteers, the children come from poor* families, and are often ill behaved. While most of the other teachers resort to beating the children into being quiet, she doesn't believe in beating the kids. As a … Continue reading Teacher’s Day Out

A Few Of My Favourite Things!

Bead Box

This photograph, reminds me of that beautiful song from "The Sound Of Music". With all due respect to the original, here is my version: Small rounded pebbles and sea - washed sea shells, Colourful beads, all tied up in strings, These are a few of my favourite things! And the original lines: When the dog … Continue reading A Few Of My Favourite Things!

Old Habits Die Hard!

In All Shapes, Sizes and Colours

A trip to Chennai is incomplete without a visit to the beach - and collecting sea shells! Here's the latest addition to the ever growing collection - most are broken, but we still brought them home 🙂 Related Links: These photographs were edited by my good friend An Old Post - Somewhere Beyond The Sea


I love my gypsy-like, bead bracelet. I love it so much, I'm dedicating an entire blog page and several photographs to it!