Not so gingerly

This morning, as we began making tea, Atul placed a piece of ginger on the kitchen counter and made an interesting observation. "This looks like a rockstar!" And why not? The humble ginger has been rocking my life ever since I can remember. When we were kids, every year, on Diwali (that's Naraka Chadurdashi or … Continue reading Not so gingerly

WPC: Connected

Earlier we used to write letters on paper. Today, we send instant messages. Earlier long distance calls were few and far between. Today, it's cheaper than ever to talk to loved ones. Earlier media was owned by a few people. While mainstream media is still owned by a few people with vested interests, social sharing … Continue reading WPC: Connected

The Big Blue

For years I resisted every blow that the monster threw at me - luring me through its minions who had already strayed into its territory. But I was a minority. A proud minority - one who was applauded for resisting the urge. But alas, my love for my blog made me miss a turn. I lost the battle against it.