Not so gingerly

This morning, as we began making tea, Atul placed a piece of ginger on the kitchen counter and made an interesting observation. "This looks like a rockstar!" And why not? The humble ginger has been rocking my life ever since I can remember. When we were kids, every year, on Diwali (that's Naraka Chadurdashi or … Continue reading Not so gingerly

Circular Dependency

On a hot and sultry Sunday, I step out to go to the market. It seems like it's been a long time since I've seen the local roads. Perhaps it has. In the daily hustle and rush to the workplace, subtle things go unnoticed. Of course the roads are nothing subtle really. One misstep, and … Continue reading Circular Dependency


Sometimes, there are things we may like to do that are completely unacceptable to social norms. And so we avoid it. For many, that is the way of life - to live someone's version of life. Sometimes, that someone is a voice within us, fooling us into believing we're in control. What happens when you … Continue reading Unacceptable


We're always told to think before doing anything. If possible, think twice. But what if we don't even know what we're going to do? How does one think about it? Like when we're nervous, blurting out words without even knowing what we're about to say next. Like the social animal who knows just the right … Continue reading Inertia

The Slate

The beginning of a new year in school was something I looked forward to. Leave the old imperfections behind and start a new quest towards perfection. Torn notebooks, lost textbooks, unfinished assignments, silly classmates, demanding teachers and scarier mathematics, none of these would matter in the new year. New books, new subjects, new teachers, and … Continue reading The Slate