Conflicting thoughts dance around his head. He shakes them off to go earn his bread. At the river bank he picks up his oars And ferries people across the shore. As he rows he feels happy His hands and body move in perfect harmony. He breaks into a smile And forgets his problems for a … Continue reading Oars

Not so gingerly

This morning, as we began making tea, Atul placed a piece of ginger on the kitchen counter and made an interesting observation. "This looks like a rockstar!" And why not? The humble ginger has been rocking my life ever since I can remember. When we were kids, every year, on Diwali (that's Naraka Chadurdashi or … Continue reading Not so gingerly


We're always told to think before doing anything. If possible, think twice. But what if we don't even know what we're going to do? How does one think about it? Like when we're nervous, blurting out words without even knowing what we're about to say next. Like the social animal who knows just the right … Continue reading Inertia


Words; They're funny little creatures. When you have no time They'll drive you crazy. When you least expect them They'll dance in your mind. You crave to indulge them And promise them your time. Only, when the moment arrives They become hard to find!

Looking up

We look up - When we yearn for rain, Or rays of sunshine And for a silver lining. We look up - When we dream, Or think of the struggle ahead, And when we succeed. We look up - Whether for strength, Or for hope, And in glory. To see what other people around the world are … Continue reading Looking up


From established comforts To starting anew From being a part of one family, To belonging to two From the yearly hop between two cities To a traveling spree From figuring out two cultures To switching between three! From the spoilt n lazy brat To greater responsibility From an individual To managing a team and a family The image featured … Continue reading Transition

Arms wide open

Early morning As the bud opened her arms, I tried to get close. I wanted a picture It cost me a few scars. I wondered why roses have thorns The thorny plant replied: Perhaps you may consider Even a thorny plant can nurture a rose.


They fluttered their long eyelashes She looked straight in my eyes. They had their airs and whims She had only basic needs. They were of high stature, exotic even She was simple and plain. They lived in posh houses She was happy with the streets. They were liked by one and all She chose to … Continue reading Periwinkle


The world sees greatness, But you hide and take cover. Oh! You fickle stupid self, Recognize thy power. Originally written on 22 July on Twitter https://twitter.com/kasturika_r/status/623839340183969792?s=09 This is post #7 in this year's NaBloPoMo, or as Ra calls it Nano Poblano NaBloPoMo = National Blog Posting Month = Thirty straight days of blogging

What’s your story?

You can lie all you want. You can hide behind your mask. You don't need to tell me, And I will not ask. You may deny it, And say all is fine. But it's written on your forehead, Across every single line. You must be patient, Soldier on. Let go of your worries, It's time … Continue reading What’s your story?