Conflicting thoughts dance around his head. He shakes them off to go earn his bread. At the river bank he picks up his oars And ferries people across the shore. As he rows he feels happy His hands and body move in perfect harmony. He breaks into a smile And forgets his problems for a … Continue reading Oars


The warmth of the sun The radiance of light The resilience of a candle flame The power of fire The symbol of learning The aura of enlightenment More monochromatic images over at the Daily Post

The Dilemma

I hear voices from afar Voices of despair. What they speak, I do not know Should I know? Perhaps not. I could shut the door harder No one would care. Except those voices. Those voices are in my head. Urging me to take action. I am needed here And at the same time, I must … Continue reading The Dilemma

The witch in the time machine


Last week, I opened an old diary and flipped through its pages. As I read out aloud the vaguely familiar words, my mother stared at me. "What on earth went on in your little mind? How did you retain your sanity?" I never spoke much as a child. Even now, I am terrible at making … Continue reading The witch in the time machine

The Earth Beneath

Spiral beneath my feet

Cracks on the skin Resisting a throat parched Dense eyelashes Streaming rivers of life The internal inferno And tremors of rage. Does such great power Lie beneath my feet? 'Tis such privilege Upon which I stand. 'Tis such divinity Due to which I live. This post was inspired by this week's photo challenge by the … Continue reading The Earth Beneath

In Pursuit of Inspiration


A speck of dust A stitch on a rag The artist's note The labourer's hand The rainbow above A bug below Dense air around A journal unbound Can it be seen? Can it be heard? Pray, tell me! Where can it be found? This evening, inspiration came to me through the electricity. Or rather, the … Continue reading In Pursuit of Inspiration

Timeless music

Listening to music, I am transported back in time. From nimble stringed instruments To husky voices. The energetic percussion Keeping feet and thumbs tapping. Eyes closed, Letting the music transcend. From the swaying head To the melting heart. The music player is older than my memories The sound as young as ever.


I salute the deity before beginning, I salute mother earth, for the strength I derive from her, I salute my guru for all the knowledge I inherit.I help protect the innocent from savages, And heal the victims of ravages.Over the ages, I have travelled across the seas, And been nurtured by different cultures.I gave birth … Continue reading Salutation

A Flower’s Life

You put in all your efforts, I smile 'cause I'm impressed. That is what you think. To you, I am always pretty. But it's not because of you, That is my ill fate. You wait for me to blossom, And at just the right time, Cut me off my stem. You give me sparkles, A little water to … Continue reading A Flower’s Life

The Warriors

With bleeding toes And callused feet, Broken backs Grasping for breath. Dragging heavy sacks Their bodies dripping wet. Weary but happy, The warriors return. They will laugh and sing. And enjoy their meal. For they have survived The long ordeal. They will celebrate For they live today. But they all know, They must fight another … Continue reading The Warriors