A Flower’s Life

You put in all your efforts,
I smile ’cause I’m impressed.
That is what you think.

To you, I am always pretty.
But it’s not because of you,
That is my ill fate.

You wait for me to blossom,
And at just the right time,
Cut me off my stem.

You give me sparkles,
A little water to drink,
To show me off to your mate.

I may cry before your very eyes,
But you choose to ignore.
For you, that’s my smile.

I wait patiently to get my own way.
That is not what you want,
And I must stay.

Soon the day will be here,
And I will become free.
That is the day you will throw me away.

8 thoughts on “A Flower’s Life”

    1. Well, for once, I disagree with you! 😀 The flower here is bitter at the life she is leading here, against her will. Viewing the life as well lived, only makes the tale even more melancholic.


  1. This post is a great lesson in how to see things from another point of view. As a vegetarian, I sometimes wonder if plants feel anything when we pull them out of the ground, cut off their stems, and chop them into pieces. I don’t think so. But maybe.


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