The Big Blue

fb_drawingFor years I resisted every blow that the monster threw at me – luring me through its minions who had already strayed into its territory. But I was a minority. A proud minority – one who was applauded for resisting the urge.

But alas, my love for my blog made me miss a turn. I lost the battle against it. And I decided it was time to take the great plunge – the things love can make you do!

You are daring to imagine that you could have a different life. Oh, I know it doesn’t feel like that. You feel like a big fat failure now. But you’re not. You are marching into the unknown armed with… Nothing.**

With no knowledge about my new surroundings, I stumbled and fumbled, and somehow managed to create a small advertisement for my blog. And left – emotionally scarred, but still alive.

It was just under a month after I entered the big bad world of Facebook*. I kept wondering if it was the right thing to do. I bumped into the Daily Post, and she asked me “Should Your Blog Be on Facebook?

I am still contemplating if it was a wise decision – since my primary audience is through WordPress. I stared at the number zero for a few weeks, and as I write this, there are three ‘likes’ – all by WordPress Bloggers themselves. So all that that button does is reaffirm how many people actually read this stuff, and an unnecessary duplication of follows! The key to using the the fan page is to share it and spread the word among FaceBook users – and since I have better things to do than venturing into the blue abyss, I don’t think the FaceBook Page would make much difference to me.

But hey, its there on the sidebar, and I’m too lazy to do anything more! So if you like anything here, go ahead and share it. We’re all in this big bad world together after all – I think.

What do you think? Since I don’t promote the blog on FaceBook, is there really any point of having a page at all? Would you stick you neck out and share this with your friends?

* * *

* Don’t pretend you don’t know it – it is the blue lonely monster that feeds (pun very much intended) off your privacy.
** Birdie gives advice to Katheryn Kelly in ‘You’ve Got Mail
Featured Image Credit : Jurgen Appelo, CC-BY-2.0