The House by the lake

Khudala House - a beautiful homsetay in Udaipur

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

I've always had a soft corner for birds. But it's always been a challenge to photograph them near my house. They hardly sit still long enough to allow me to take a picture. The birds in the jungle though seemed to be quite extroverted. The Jungle Babblers, which are so restless in the city, didn't … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

'Look! Peacock feathers! Can I take one to keep?' 'Wait! I'll get it! You must stay in the Jeep.' It's dangerous out there. Wild creatures only pretend to sleep. The woods are lovely, dark and deep. A poor imitation of a poem by Robert Frost Continuing with photographs from the Sariska Wildlife Reserve, here are … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

WPC: Today Was a Good Day

Two Cakes

A photo story... Waking up to the smell of fresh filter kaapi The sight of beautiful flowers on my way to work Getting hands-on experience at work Attending productive meetings, seminars and conferences Coming home to see a dream come to life And to end a day on a sweet note, a cake -- or … Continue reading WPC: Today Was a Good Day

She strings seashells of the seashore

Seashells on a string

This morning I strung up yet another set of seashells to hang up next to the curtains. Here's a closer look at just a few of the beauties. Take a wild guess what surface the background is! Take a closer look at what others around the blogosphere are capturing at the Daily Post's Weekly Photo … Continue reading She strings seashells of the seashore

On the way

Train Tracks Towards Trichy

On our road trip to my grandfather's house last year, we were treated to some amazing scenery -- palms and plantains; paddy fields and elephant grass; street art and intricate architecture; flowing rivers and the magnificent ocean... Here are two of my favourite photographs from the trip, shot through the window of our car. For … Continue reading On the way

Art from scrap

Dancing peacock

It was on the first of March, a Sunday, that our family got together. It was after such a long time that we went out together, that we joked that it would rain. And sure enough, it did! Little did we know, that it was the beginning of a very strange phenomenon. Not only on that day, … Continue reading Art from scrap

Death by chocolate!

Being late December, it was no surprise to see Christmas Trees decorating the airports of Delhi and Chennai. But I should have known the large candy sticks at the exit of Chennai Airport were more than just festive decorations - they were a sign of things to come! We ate out almost everyday. And for … Continue reading Death by chocolate!

A Very Happy Deepavali

We hadn't really planned on making a rangoli this year. It isn't something we do traditionally. All that changed, however, when a close friend of mine sent me a photograph of a beautiful rangoli she had made with her sister. My cousin and I went shopping for colours, and with the help of my mother, … Continue reading A Very Happy Deepavali

Happy Diwali

We mixed up the traditional white stone Kolam powder with colourful Rangoli powders to create a small message. A couple of shots of our little decoration for this year's Diwali... Here's wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous Deepavali!