Much a-doe about a deer

The Sariska Wildlife Reserve was, at one point of time home to over 40 tigers. During our safari, our guide informed us that wildlife enthusiasts preferred Sariska over Ranthambore. Unfortunately, poachers felt likewise. Due to poor monitoring and rampant poaching, by 2004 there was not one tiger left in the Reserve.

The lack of tigers led to an increase in deer with the population of over 25,000 Sambar deer alone.

In 2005, three tigers were relocated from Ranthambore and the number of tigers in the 800 sq km forest has now risen to 13 (with less than half the area allocated to it, Ranthambore boasts over 50 tigers)

Doe, a deer. A female deer
Doe, a deer. A female deer

This gorgeous creature is one of thousands of deer at the Sariska Wildlife Reserve.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

‘Look! Peacock feathers!
Can I take one to keep?’

‘Wait! I’ll get it!
You must stay in the Jeep.’

It’s dangerous out there.
Wild creatures only pretend to sleep.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

A poor imitation of a poem by Robert Frost

Continuing with photographs from the Sariska Wildlife Reserve, here are a few photographs for this week’s photo challenge. Click on a picture to view larger size.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Careful.”