Defining eyes

I first applied homemade kajal when I visited an acquaintance many years ago. While I waited for my friend to get ready to head out, I chatted with her mother — a tall and slim, simple rural Haryanvi lady. As our mundane conversation veered towards the use of kajal, she mentioned that she had prepared … Continue reading Defining eyes

Glamorous Trio

I'm not much of a fan of wearing make-up. But they sure can make a statement by themselves! For more trios, head on over to Daily Post's Weekly Photo Challenge. Hat tip to my friend who edited the images using this cool online editor. This is post #22 in this year's NaBloPoMo, or as Ra calls … Continue reading Glamorous Trio



It's been a very weird past week or so... I have not really had much inspiration to write. To get my mind off, and to 'renew' my thought process, I pulled out a make-up kit, and tried to photograph it.