The temple at Tiger Hill

We had had a rather strange morning. Waking up at 3:30 am, to be stuck in a traffic jam around 5 am, and then racing against the sunrise to get to the top of Tiger Hill. We missed the famous golden Kanchenjunga due to bad weather, but took away some interesting memories nonetheless. We are … Continue reading The temple at Tiger Hill

Vibrant Chennai

Along one of the ends of Eliot's beach in Chennai is a long colourful mural depicting city life in Chennai. Here's one portion of the mural for this week's Photo Challenge. For more vibrant images, visit the Daily Post. PS. I haven't been able to catch up with posts from you for a while - … Continue reading Vibrant Chennai

A Rainbow of Memories

The typewriter and keyboards may keep our memories safe in a digital locker. But they will never be able to replace the smell of paper, the crisp look of bound books and the firm grip of a clasp -- reassuring a sentimental fool like me, that her priceless emotions are locked safely. The Daily Post … Continue reading A Rainbow of Memories



It's been a very weird past week or so... I have not really had much inspiration to write. To get my mind off, and to 'renew' my thought process, I pulled out a make-up kit, and tried to photograph it.

A Colourful Challenge


It took me several mini sessions throughout the week, and one extended session today, to complete this challengeā€¦ a long overdue homework!

Weaving colours

Threads 'n' Weaves mailer page 1

Colours are in the air. Quite literally! And they've spilled on my work!