Words; They're funny little creatures. When you have no time They'll drive you crazy. When you least expect them They'll dance in your mind. You crave to indulge them And promise them your time. Only, when the moment arrives They become hard to find!

Framing the in-laws!

One of the major attractions in Gwalior is the Saas-Bahu ka Mandir. In Hindi, saas translates to mother-in-law and bahu is the daughter-in-law. The strange name is believed to be a convenient short form for sahasrabahu - meaning thousand arms. The two temples in the complex are covered with beautiful, intricate carvings of geometric patterns,… Continue reading Framing the in-laws!

Getting crafty

... and making a small mess in the process! Thanks to this great tutorial, a few clothespins, a pair of scissors and lots of glue, a few brown paper bags lying around the house got a makeover - a mid-week holiday well spent! And yes I used my finger to spread the glue and am… Continue reading Getting crafty

Morning on Tiger Hill

The phone rang at 3:30 am. The voice of the driver was impatient. "It's getting late! No no... I don't know who told you 4 am. We need to leave now. We'll get stuck in a traffic jam!" A traffic jam at 4 am? Oh well, we were already up. We scrambled and managed to… Continue reading Morning on Tiger Hill