From jeans to sleeves

From jeans to laptop sleeves. #Photos from a fun #recycling project. Photos edited with @befunky

Getting crafty

... and making a small mess in the process! Thanks to this great tutorial, a few clothespins, a pair of scissors and lots of glue, a few brown paper bags lying around the house got a makeover - a mid-week holiday well spent! And yes I used my finger to spread the glue and am … Continue reading Getting crafty

Come, fly with me…

A few years ago, I asked a couple of my friends to give me their favourite quotes. I had planned to make something out of the quotes and gift them. I wasn't very happy with the results and decided not to give them. I eventually gave one to my friend after she saw the post … Continue reading Come, fly with me…

WPC: Change

Tall, clean and sharp, they come in shiny boxes. We draw them out and display their art. We put them in denim pockets, in rusty boxes and in dusty pouches. We wear them down and peel them out. Misplaced, handed over, forgotten, replaced - it's of no relevance. They have ensured that they have made … Continue reading WPC: Change

She strings seashells of the seashore

Seashells on a string

This morning I strung up yet another set of seashells to hang up next to the curtains. Here's a closer look at just a few of the beauties. Take a wild guess what surface the background is! Take a closer look at what others around the blogosphere are capturing at the Daily Post's Weekly Photo … Continue reading She strings seashells of the seashore

Spring DIY project

The Materials

Winter was on its way out, and the old leaves were making way for new little ones to spring up and take their place. The minute I saw these large leathery beautiful leaves on the pavement, I knew I had to pick them up. I didn't know what I would do with them. But I … Continue reading Spring DIY project

Dastkar – A Craft Lover’s Paradise!


If you're in, or around Delhi, or are likely to be there any time soon, stop reading this post, and go see it for yourself! Dastkar, the nature bazaar, is on till the 9th of November 2012.

How To Destroy A Great Idea


Weekly Writing Challenge - And Now For Something Completely Different. DIY gone wrong.

Hanging Around!

Seashells and strings

I've mentioned a few times, my love for 'junk'. Here's something that we hang around with everyday 🙂 The shells here, have been collected, and passed down, over three generations! Hope you enjoy 🙂 Related posts: Somewhere beyond the sea Old habits die hard A few of my favourite things