When You Want Something

Achieve It

When I began sketching out the letters of this quote, my sister-in-law asked me. ‘You really believe that…? You need to work your bum off to achieve things. The universe won’t hand it to you on a platter.’

This is a quote I strongly believe in. And so I defended it thus, ‘No. Who said anything about things being given on a platter. You have to work. And the universe will make you work towards achieving it.’

Sure, it may seem like things are going the wrong way, and you may even feel that the universe, and that mysterious concept of fate/destiny is against you. But in the grander scheme of things, they are actually guiding you towards the path that is best for you, and ultimately, towards your goal.

* * *

I tried arranging the letters in an image editing program. But I just couldn’t get around it. I wanted to get into the screen, and tweak the letters with my hand, to my liking. And it was then that I decided I would sketch it out. After three hours of drawing, I finally got what I felt was a good arrangement, and then the letters came alive. I could see a personality to the letters and tweaked them. This is perhaps how master typographers view their letters – alive, and like little children, waiting to be picked up, guided, and moulded into something better.

Now I don’t claim that I can make good letter forms. Quite far from it, as is evident from the picture, but even with the flaws I really liked the outcome because I had fun painting. I’m happy I didn’t sketch it out as I had initially planned. It has helped me appreciate the typographer’s skills, as well as helped in overcoming my fear of painting.


Dastkar – A Craft Lover’s Paradise!

If you’re in, or around Delhi, or are likely to be there any time soon, stop reading this post, and go see it for yourself! Dastkar, the nature bazaar, is on till the 9th of November 2012.
The colours, textures, sights, sounds, and smells… there is something for all the senses.

I visited the bazaar this past weekend, and it was an absolute delight. I saw first-hand, the art forms I had hitherto only read about, and learnt the existence of many more. This mammoth gallery, is only a small part of the whole experience.

Hope you enjoy!