Springing to life

It occupied a lot of space, but not our attention. Not for the right reasons anyway. And like a child seeking affection, it tried to make its presence evident.


I was desperate to get some rest, but sleep was the one thing that refused to come. Random thoughts and visions haunted me, interspersed with summons, as they were, directed towards me — by whom, I don't know. I tossed and turned in the middle of the night, till I could take it no longer. … Continue reading Resolutions

The magic of Margazhi

Kolam at Chidambaram Temple

While I was in Chennai last year, I received a message from a friend of mine: 'So are you coming tomorrow?' 'I'm in Chennai right now', I replied. 'Ooh Margazhi. Have fun!' I didn't understand what she meant by that. I had visited Chennai during the winter months a few times in the past, but apart … Continue reading The magic of Margazhi


A little student in my mother's class brought a gift for her. There was no occasion. But it was out of sheer love for her teacher. As is always the case with us, we admired the packaging more than the content 🙂

Vote’s up!


This week's Daily Post Photo Challenge is Scale. Today, the Capital of India went to polls. My vote—a small drop in the big ocean of voters—is my interpretation of the challenge. On my way back home after work, a colleague asked me whom I was going to vote for. I thought for a little while, and … Continue reading Vote’s up!

Which colour do you see?

Jigsaw Puzzle

There are some who look at the world in black and white. Others see the world in shades of grey. Some see bright colours. And some, muted hues and pastel. There are few who can see everything. There are fewer still, who can see the complete picture. And then there are those rare beings who … Continue reading Which colour do you see?


A few months ago, as I was cleaning my cupboard, I came across two drawing books. They were from my school time, and I had long forgotten about them. As I flipped through them, I wondered why I no longer drew abstract drawings. Perhaps it is a lack of creativity. Or a lack of inspiration. … Continue reading Depth