An Attempt At Portrait


Focus on the Tag


This week I cut the tag off a pair of jeans. The look and feel, the quality, the whiteness, even the metal rim around the hole - made me fall in love with the tag! And I had an idea. I wanted to use it - for something. This evening, I thought I'd take a … Continue reading Focus on the Tag

Recipe for Disaster – Part 2

Chocolate Cake

Crack an egg I was about four years old, and it was the festival of holi. Standing in the balcony of an apartment on the ninth floor, I watched my brother drop water balloons on passers by... While we hadn't technically collaborated on it, by virtue of standing there, and watching with delight, I considered … Continue reading Recipe for Disaster – Part 2

Recipe for Disaster – Part 1

Bouquet Tarts

Where's the bucket? Anna* and I used to fight like cats and dogs as little kids. Our fights would often get physical, and we'd hurt each other pretty badly.¬†Our mother would patch us up more frequently than she would have liked, and grudgingly we would apologise to each other. To the outside world, though, the … Continue reading Recipe for Disaster – Part 1

Portrait of a Bouquet

She was a gem. And to capture her beauty was not something that was easy for me. She could hardly stand still. She kept running and tripping over herself just to avoid me. And in the end I gave up trying to take her picture. And instead just admired her.