Using a landscape image from the internet as reference, and under the guidance of our teacher, I painted this landscape. The paint reflected a little light, so I uploaded a little larger image, than the ones I usually upload, to compensate for the lack of clarity. As a result, it is likely that moire patterns … Continue reading Landscape

From Grandfather, With Love

With Love

My grandfather was the eldest in his family. We were his youngest grandchildren. The age difference between us is almost nine decades! My grandfather's life was very eventful. It could be said, that he lead a full life. He was a professor in the Burmese University, joined the Army during the world war, served in … Continue reading From Grandfather, With Love

The Brooch

The Brooch

This is a painting of the brooch we bought as souvenirs in Kohima. Instead of photographing it, I thought I would try sketching it, but on the spur of the moment, decided to give it a shot with paint - my first attempt at painting still life.

And There Was A Painting

Fish out of water

We travelled for three days on the crowded train - there were more than two hundred of us, and only a hundred confirmed tickets. A bus journey from Dimapur brought us to the campus of Nagaland University, located atop the hills, in Kohima. Exhausted after the journey, we didn't bother about blankets, as we fell … Continue reading And There Was A Painting

A Whimsical Post

24 June 2012 After spending an evening at my aunt's house, I thought I had an idea for another blog post. I didn't know what I would actually write - I had just one line. When we were about to leave, my aunt asked me if I needed a diary. "I have a plain unruled … Continue reading A Whimsical Post


Lamp Post - Close Up

I recently submitted my assignments for internal assessment (3D modelling, texturing and lighting). Here are the renders - the wire-frame, ambient occlusion, beauty pass, and composite. They have all been made using real images as references. The chocolate box took the most effort, and is, by far, the most original of the lot. Hope you … Continue reading Assignments!