The Scrapbook


This post belongs to the original post titled 'Letting Go' I pulled out the scrapbook from the bottom of the cupboard with the intention of scanning a few pages. The paper has yellowed, the edges of the paper are torn, and damp hands have removed some of the colour. But as I flipped through it… Continue reading The Scrapbook

Letting go

When I was in school, there was a dance teacher who had once asked us to submit an assignment. She had asked us to find out about the various dance forms of India and prepare a scrapbook with pictures and information that we had collected. I was just going to enter middle school, and this… Continue reading Letting go

Relevance of Relations

Tomorrow some guests are visiting us. Well, they're actually relatives who live in a land, far far away. I don't remember having ever seen them, and I don't know if I'll ever see them again. But they're in town, and have been kind enough to acknowledge our presence, and have decided to pay us a… Continue reading Relevance of Relations

A New Day

It's been a rather noisy night. Huge flashes of lightning lit up the city in the middle of the night. I step out to assess the damage. The verandah is littered with trash that the storm has decided to leave behind as a┬ásouvenir. I dodge the minefield to reach the railing and look outside. Clear… Continue reading A New Day

Weaving colours

Threads 'n' Weaves mailer page 1

Colours are in the air. Quite literally! And they've spilled on my work!

Colours of joy and nostalgia

With this post, I have exhausted my all my reserves! I wrote this piece on the 21th of March in 2008. Since the festival of holi is just a couple of days away, I decided to finally publish this. Wishing you a very happy and safe holi ­čÖé