A New Day

It’s been a rather noisy night. Huge flashes of lightning lit up the city in the middle of the night.

I step out to assess the damage. The verandah is littered with trash that the storm has decided to leave behind as a souvenir. I dodge the minefield to reach the railing and look outside.

Clear blue skies, and a cool breeze wish me a good morning. A pigeon flies towards the ground. Another one follows it. And soon many others enter the stage from all directions. Someone has just spread out a platter of seeds for them to feast upon.

I look at the trees, to see if there are any casualties. They are injured. They have been stripped off most of their leaves and there is a colourful carpet on the ground. But they stand proud and straight. They do not mind the shedding of leaves, after all, newer ones will grow. They have survived the night, and its time to savour their victory. The breeze is playing a gentle tune, and they are swaying to it.

Soon the city madness will resume, and last night’s events will be forgotten. But till then, I will stand here, in the middle of the mess, soak in the fresh air and watch nature celebrate spring.

By Kasturika

I tell stories - of people, places, and ideas - through words and visuals.
Designer by profession, Writer by passion, and Storyteller by accident (or is that a cosmic conspiracy?)
Digital Nomad, Slightly Eccentric

12 replies on “A New Day”

🙂 Was inspired by some of the bloggers who feature some of their old posts… Will probably bring out some other old posts as well, at a later stage… Glad you like it 🙂 I always look forward to your comments 🙂


“… बरामदा कचरे से अटे पड़े है
तूफान का निर्णय लिया गया है कि
एक स्मारिका के रूप में पीछे छोड़ने के लिए … “


🙂 that fragment had me confused for quite a while… so I went back to google.translate to re-translate it! And it came out pretty weird… But I figured out which statement was translated… Thank you for taking the time out to stop by 🙂


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