The Warriors

With bleeding toes And callused feet, Broken backs Grasping for breath. Dragging heavy sacks Their bodies dripping wet. Weary but happy, The warriors return. They will laugh and sing. And enjoy their meal. For they have survived The long ordeal. They will celebrate For they live today. But they all know, They must fight another … Continue reading The Warriors

When You Want Something

Achieve It

When I began sketching out the letters of this quote, my sister-in-law asked me. 'You really believe that...? You need to work your bum off to achieve things. The universe won't hand it to you on a platter.' This is a quote I strongly believe in. And so I defended it thus, 'No. Who said … Continue reading When You Want Something

Recipe for Disaster – Part 3

It was the night before d-day. We said our good nights and slipped into our beds. Amma was still in the kitchen, keeping the last of the dishes inside. We heard the flick of the switch and all the lights were out. We waited another 15 minutes before sneaking out.

The Big Blue

For years I resisted every blow that the monster threw at me - luring me through its minions who had already strayed into its territory. But I was a minority. A proud minority - one who was applauded for resisting the urge. But alas, my love for my blog made me miss a turn. I lost the battle against it.