Timeless music

Listening to music, I am transported back in time. From nimble stringed instruments To husky voices. The energetic percussion Keeping feet and thumbs tapping. Eyes closed, Letting the music transcend. From the swaying head To the melting heart. The music player is older than my memories The sound as young as ever.

She strings seashells of the seashore

Seashells on a string

This morning I strung up yet another set of seashells to hang up next to the curtains. Here's a closer look at just a few of the beauties. Take a wild guess what surface the background is! Take a closer look at what others around the blogosphere are capturing at the Daily Post's Weekly Photo … Continue reading She strings seashells of the seashore

Birds of a feather

I have been fortunate to have spent my life in a place where there is plenty of greenery, with exotic birds for neighbours. When we were small, I remember walking around with my friend, picking up things from the ground. We pressed leaves and flowers and stuck them on the pages of an old notebook, … Continue reading Birds of a feather

War and Peace

Large brass cylinders holding flowers -- they were always unique vases to me. It wasn't until several years had gone by, that I discovered that they were bombshells. I was talking to a friend of mine, when our discussion meandered towards the differences between our country and that of corruption-free nations. 'Those people out there,' … Continue reading War and Peace

Marketing with Love

A couple of weeks back, I ordered a bag from the online store Chumbak* The bag was of very good quality, no doubt, but what I liked more were the little bits of detail in the product package -- the bright pink tags on the bag; the caption that said 'Designed with love in India'; … Continue reading Marketing with Love

Coming Through!

Door for delivery

Waiting to receive my order at a Domino's Pizza outlet, I noticed this interesting caption on the door leading to the area where young boys and girls were busy fulfilling orders for delivering. Thirty minutes or not, full marks for creative labelling! Doors to other worlds open up this week at the Daily Post

Daily inspiration at the doorstep

As I prepare to step outside, I keep my phone camera handy. Click! I turn around and tell my mother how I interpret her drawing. In the 30 seconds it takes to get down the staircase, we have had a full conversation of the different ways in which we perceive the world around us. Amma's … Continue reading Daily inspiration at the doorstep