Dastkar – A Craft Lover’s Paradise!


If you're in, or around Delhi, or are likely to be there any time soon, stop reading this post, and go see it for yourself! Dastkar, the nature bazaar, is on till the 9th of November 2012.

The Broken Tree

The Broken Tree

A tribute to a tree

A Colourful Challenge


It took me several mini sessions throughout the week, and one extended session today, to complete this challenge… a long overdue homework!

Guest Post : Jal Satyagrah

As the world reflects on the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests, residents of a small village in India protest against the government for their basic human rights...

How To Destroy A Great Idea


Weekly Writing Challenge - And Now For Something Completely Different. DIY gone wrong.


Brushes and Pencils

The theme for this week's 'Weekly Photo Challenge' is happy.

The Old, Beneath The New

Upon Entering - First View

A gallery tour of Ugrasen ki Baoli - not really on a tourist's itinerary. But then, not even locals are aware of its presence!