The locked house

A Colonial building in a Mughal Garden Complex, living amid ruins of the Revolt of 1857, locked and forgotten, except by park officials and evening joggers. For whom was it built? Why is it locked away? What lies behind those red stone walls? This is post #3 in this year's NaBloPoMo, or as Ra calls… Continue reading The locked house


Minaret at Qudsia Bagh

My grandmother often says that of the several artistic abilities our family possesses, the ability to throw, is the one that we need the most! At our home, when things break, our instinctive reaction is that of fixing them. So for this week's photo challenge, broken, I had quite a few options at home! Except,… Continue reading Broken

Well Hidden

It was in the first week of March, late in the afternoon. Winter was receding and the weather was just perfect for going monument hunting. Before leaving, we ran a quick search on the internet. A map in hand, we got off at the Qutab Minar Metro station and walked along the road. After about fifteen minutes, we… Continue reading Well Hidden

The Sultan’s Cave


Delhi is often referred to as a graveyard, due to vast number of Tombs that are spread across the city. Most of them look alike, but some stand out. I had read about Sultan Ghari, and had been wanting to visit it for a while. The past month, I finally crossed it out of my lists of places to visit.

The Old, Beneath The New

Upon Entering - First View

A gallery tour of Ugrasen ki Baoli - not really on a tourist's itinerary. But then, not even locals are aware of its presence!

The Good People Of Kotla

Gates Unlocked

Long long ago, when I didn't have a blog page, I just recorded the random thoughts that came to my mind in separate files on the computer. I wrote this little journal entry on the 22nd day of the month of May in the year 2010.