Table for two

A cool breeze, clouds playing hide and seek with the sun, the sound of waves to one side, and the interiors of a palace on the other, a panoramic view of palaces and havelis and the backdrop of Aravalli hills - perfect, no? In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: What kinds of images and … Continue reading Table for two

Still standing

"What's that?" I asked our friendly cab driver. "Oh, that's nothing. Just some old ruins," he replied in a laid back tone, that could only be described as Goan. The Churches of Old Goa are staple tourist fare. And like diligent tourists, we paid a visit to the most famous of them all - the … Continue reading Still standing


Sometimes, there are things we may like to do that are completely unacceptable to social norms. And so we avoid it. For many, that is the way of life - to live someone's version of life. Sometimes, that someone is a voice within us, fooling us into believing we're in control. What happens when you … Continue reading Unacceptable


We're always told to think before doing anything. If possible, think twice. But what if we don't even know what we're going to do? How does one think about it? Like when we're nervous, blurting out words without even knowing what we're about to say next. Like the social animal who knows just the right … Continue reading Inertia

Payasam for the independent Indian

On 15th of August 1947, the British left India. Atleast that's what we like to believe. Consider the following: At a geopolitical level, we stand fragmented, perhaps permanently disabled, fighting against our neighbours, with whom we share a common heritage. At an institutional level, we inherited a corrupt bureaucracy that mostly enjoys fat salaries for … Continue reading Payasam for the independent Indian