Taking this week’s Photo Challenge rather literally, my interpretation of ‘Now’:

Right here, right now!

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Happy Holidays!

It’s a three-day weekend for most people around this corner of the globe. Hope you have a great time!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas!

Paper Tree at Dastkar Nature Bazaar

Gathering Knick Knacks

Those who know me, whether in person or via WordPress, know that I love collecting things in general – be it coins, rocks, feathers, chocolate boxes… And more often than not, the packaging of a product makes my heart jump for joy!

Here’s yet another addition to my ever-growing box of knick knacks!

Coins with Greek motifs

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WPC: Oops!

Oops! We were a little messy with the chocolate sauce. Normally, I would apologise for the poor quality of the photograph. But since the Daily Post specifically asks us to share photographic (and/or photogenic) disasters,  I won’t 😉

More chocolaty images from this series in the archives: Death by Chocolate.

Have a sweet weekend!

WPC: Eye Spy

As kids we would stuff old socks with rags to make dolls. We’d use rubber bands to create the ‘neck’ and ‘waist’ and buttons for the ‘eyes’. I’m not sure but perhaps this may be related to the Hindi phrase ‘आँखें हैं की बटन!?’ (Do you have eyes or buttons!?)

For this week’s photo challenge, I would like to introduce you to Mr Button – he has a pair of eyes of his own!

Buttons for eyes? Or a button with eyes!


At one of the lakes at Sariska, we spotted a few large birds. I don’t know their names. And unfortunately the one that was nearest to my lens was quick to fly away. I can’t blame her though. I would have done the same in front of a camera!

Hey, wait! I only want to know your name!

Happily, the blogging habit I managed to develop last month is not in much of a hurry to fly away 🙂

What about you? Has the hangover from the Nano month worn off?