The wandering mind


Sometime back, I unearthed old drawings from the depths of my cupboard*. I'm not sure what this drawing is about and what was going through my mind at the time I drew this. Perhaps it was my subconscious trying to communicate to me. A few random thoughts escaping the labyrinth of my brain, and finding … Continue reading The wandering mind

The lately-early bird

Waking beauty

It took me a full week to try to get up early. And this morning, I finally managed to get up by 6 am. Unfortunately, in these parts of the world, six is well past sunrise. Still, I tried. Although the next challenge is already in motion (bad pun, I know), I wanted to share this picture … Continue reading The lately-early bird

Art from scrap

Dancing peacock

It was on the first of March, a Sunday, that our family got together. It was after such a long time that we went out together, that we joked that it would rain. And sure enough, it did! Little did we know, that it was the beginning of a very strange phenomenon. Not only on that day, … Continue reading Art from scrap

Spring DIY project

The Materials

Winter was on its way out, and the old leaves were making way for new little ones to spring up and take their place. The minute I saw these large leathery beautiful leaves on the pavement, I knew I had to pick them up. I didn't know what I would do with them. But I … Continue reading Spring DIY project



On our way back from the road trip in Tamil Nadu, we passed by many water bodies - ponds, lakes, rivers, the sea. Here's a shot I captured from the moving car. It didn't look particularly good, until my brother edited it 🙂 Check out his photostream here. For more floating images, check out the … Continue reading Afloat

Spring Reunion – Event Branding

I'd written earlier about an event, for which I had done the visual branding. Here are some shots of the event -- Spring Reunion 2015.

Back Stage

The gadgets

As some of you may know, I voluntarily provide design services for the Alumni Association of my alma mater, and last weekend, we organised a musical programme for the college reunion. All of us had our tasklist - marketing, sponsorship, coordination with the other stakeholders, running around for prints... mine was the entire visual branding. … Continue reading Back Stage