Flaming Flowers!

Loudspeaker Lily

A few posts back I had written about spring and flowers. I had sketched out a hibiscus bud a few months back, and this month I drew the 'loudspeaker lily'. I folded a 'half-imperial' sized sheet and drew these on each half. They're approximately 24 cm in width and 33 cm in height.

The Journey

Last weekend, I had been invited to attend a cultural programme. It was the Annual Day Celebrations of a social organisation, which provided foster care for street children. The course of the programme seemed to follow the pattern of the lives of the children taking part in it. The show began with a group of children … Continue reading The Journey

Campaign Season

The elections for the municipal corporation were held today. Where there are elections, there is bound to be campaigning. So I too have jumped into the campaign mode. Albeit, of a different kind. This year, as part of an internal competition, students were asked to make short films under various categories. I too was encouraged … Continue reading Campaign Season

The Taste Of Life

The summer has already set in and the heat is becoming unbearable. If its this hot in April, I fear to even think about May and June. The past couple of days, have been a little different though. Today, the wind is blowing hard. The sky is overcast, but there are some rays of light, … Continue reading The Taste Of Life

For the love of the game

April 4, 2012 (sometime at night) The flu season is here. The newspaper is full of reports about this bug called IPL* that seems to have infected thousands, if not millions of people. A few years ago, I too, had been a victim of this bug. It had crippled me during evenings. I couldn't move … Continue reading For the love of the game