Visual Treat

A little while back, I visited the food court at HUDA City Centre Metro Station. Now I'm not very fond of fancy restaurants. I usually end up buying corn on the cob from a street vendor. But when my stomach groaned, I reluctantly entered the newly opened food court. It didn't take long for me … Continue reading Visual Treat

A Flower’s Life

You put in all your efforts, I smile 'cause I'm impressed. That is what you think. To you, I am always pretty. But it's not because of you, That is my ill fate. You wait for me to blossom, And at just the right time, Cut me off my stem. You give me sparkles, A little water to … Continue reading A Flower’s Life

The Last Hurrah?

It's well past 10:00 pm. I have to get up early tomorrow morning to get to work. My father nudges me more than a few times. I need to rest my weary eyes. Roger Federer is struggling in his quarterfinal match against Stanislas Wawrinka. 'Not again!' I say to myself. Is he going to miss … Continue reading The Last Hurrah?