WPC: Change

Tall, clean and sharp, they come in shiny boxes. We draw them out and display their art. We put them in denim pockets, in rusty boxes and in dusty pouches. We wear them down and peel them out. Misplaced, handed over, forgotten, replaced - it's of no relevance. They have ensured that they have made … Continue reading WPC: Change

The storm

Lightning and thunder play a tug of war With the most delicate of fibres Even as torrential rain is contained Within a tiny vessel Waves of salty water threaten to flood The ploughed landscape Unable to comprehend Yet desperate to shed the burden The hand begins to move of its own accord Meaning manifests through … Continue reading The storm


The warmth of the sun The radiance of light The resilience of a candle flame The power of fire The symbol of learning The aura of enlightenment More monochromatic images over at the Daily Post

WPC: Connected

Earlier we used to write letters on paper. Today, we send instant messages. Earlier long distance calls were few and far between. Today, it's cheaper than ever to talk to loved ones. Earlier media was owned by a few people. While mainstream media is still owned by a few people with vested interests, social sharing … Continue reading WPC: Connected