The Good People Of Kotla

Gates Unlocked

Long long ago, when I didn't have a blog page, I just recorded the random thoughts that came to my mind in separate files on the computer. I wrote this little journal entry on the 22nd day of the month of May in the year 2010.

Getting the monkey off my back!

For almost a whole year, I have had a tough time trying to negotiate my way around a project that I was very enthusiastic about. It began in the month of April last year, and I had rather grand plans for it. Now, looking back to what I had planned, I think I ended up … Continue reading Getting the monkey off my back!

A beautiful message

For this post, I owe a close friend of mine for sharing this video. It's so beautiful, and even before it had reached half way, I had goose pimples (that's what they are called right?) all over. Just wanted to share it with anyone who's interested. Patriotism has no language... A beautiful message...

Belated happy Holi!

It's Holi!

Last week my brother asked me to make an e-card, if it can be called one, for the festival of Holi. He told me he wanted a splash of colours and gave a small reference image to work with. I wasn't quite sure how to go about it, so I took a short cut! I … Continue reading Belated happy Holi!

Are we equals?

Well, this post is going to be really short. Mostly because someone decided to vent my anger and feelings for me... Do check out this video

The pigeons shall inherit the Earth!

They enter at will, and leave as they please. They go about their daily lives without any reluctance, as if we don't even exist. And should they choose to fly, we must bow down and make way. For it is their territory, and we must not come in their way. Our balcony was a beautiful … Continue reading The pigeons shall inherit the Earth!

Identity crisis

If you've ever lived away from relatives, away from your native place, then you have experienced what is called an identity crisis. You are a second generation migrant, so you do not fully understand the local culture. But you do not know your own culture that well either. Since you visit relatives in your native … Continue reading Identity crisis

What’s in a name?

That is the question a very famous playwright once asked. So if there really is not much in a name, why is there so much fuss over it? When we are born, we are supposed to take up the 'family' name. This family name is dubbed the 'surname', or the 'caste', and who knows what … Continue reading What’s in a name?