WPC – From Every Angle: Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircase Steps

A few months back, we paid a visit to an old bungalow in Old Delhi, and I couldn't take my camera off this beautiful spiral staircase! And here's yet another angle beneath my feet. Many thanks to the kind landlady for tolerating this shutter-bug 🙂 More angles of everything under the sun over at the… Continue reading WPC – From Every Angle: Spiral Staircase

WPC: Today Was a Good Day

Two Cakes

A photo story... Waking up to the smell of fresh filter kaapi The sight of beautiful flowers on my way to work Getting hands-on experience at work Attending productive meetings, seminars and conferences Coming home to see a dream come to life And to end a day on a sweet note, a cake -- or… Continue reading WPC: Today Was a Good Day

WPC – Creepy: I’m watching you

I often see imaginary people on surfaces... do you see one here? Can you describe the appearance of the person here? Does a face on a wall feel creepy?

The Dilemma

I hear voices from afar Voices of despair. What they speak, I do not know Should I know? Perhaps not. I could shut the door harder No one would care. Except those voices. Those voices are in my head. Urging me to take action. I am needed here And at the same time, I must… Continue reading The Dilemma

The witch in the time machine


Last week, I opened an old diary and flipped through its pages. As I read out aloud the vaguely familiar words, my mother stared at me. "What on earth went on in your little mind? How did you retain your sanity?" I never spoke much as a child. Even now, I am terrible at making… Continue reading The witch in the time machine

The Earth Beneath

Spiral beneath my feet

Cracks on the skin Resisting a throat parched Dense eyelashes Streaming rivers of life The internal inferno And tremors of rage. Does such great power Lie beneath my feet? 'Tis such privilege Upon which I stand. 'Tis such divinity Due to which I live. This post was inspired by this week's photo challenge by the… Continue reading The Earth Beneath

In Pursuit of Inspiration


A speck of dust A stitch on a rag The artist's note The labourer's hand The rainbow above A bug below Dense air around A journal unbound Can it be seen? Can it be heard? Pray, tell me! Where can it be found? This evening, inspiration came to me through the electricity. Or rather, the… Continue reading In Pursuit of Inspiration