WPC – From Every Angle: Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircase Steps

A few months back, we paid a visit to an old bungalow in Old Delhi, and I couldn't take my camera off this beautiful spiral staircase! And here's yet another angle beneath my feet. Many thanks to the kind landlady for tolerating this shutter-bug 🙂 More angles of everything under the sun over at the … Continue reading WPC – From Every Angle: Spiral Staircase

WPC: Today Was a Good Day

Two Cakes

A photo story... Waking up to the smell of fresh filter kaapi The sight of beautiful flowers on my way to work Getting hands-on experience at work Attending productive meetings, seminars and conferences Coming home to see a dream come to life And to end a day on a sweet note, a cake -- or … Continue reading WPC: Today Was a Good Day

WPC – Creepy: I’m watching you

I often see imaginary people on surfaces... do you see one here? Can you describe the appearance of the person here? Does a face on a wall feel creepy?

The Dilemma

I hear voices from afar Voices of despair. What they speak, I do not know Should I know? Perhaps not. I could shut the door harder No one would care. Except those voices. Those voices are in my head. Urging me to take action. I am needed here And at the same time, I must … Continue reading The Dilemma

The witch in the time machine


Last week, I opened an old diary and flipped through its pages. As I read out aloud the vaguely familiar words, my mother stared at me. "What on earth went on in your little mind? How did you retain your sanity?" I never spoke much as a child. Even now, I am terrible at making … Continue reading The witch in the time machine

The Earth Beneath

Spiral beneath my feet

Cracks on the skin Resisting a throat parched Dense eyelashes Streaming rivers of life The internal inferno And tremors of rage. Does such great power Lie beneath my feet? 'Tis such privilege Upon which I stand. 'Tis such divinity Due to which I live. This post was inspired by this week's photo challenge by the … Continue reading The Earth Beneath

In Pursuit of Inspiration


A speck of dust A stitch on a rag The artist's note The labourer's hand The rainbow above A bug below Dense air around A journal unbound Can it be seen? Can it be heard? Pray, tell me! Where can it be found? This evening, inspiration came to me through the electricity. Or rather, the … Continue reading In Pursuit of Inspiration