Rain Dance

One of the jokes we've been cracking about Gurgaon for many years, is that just pouring a glass of water on the road is enough to cause a traffic snarl. So when the clouds above rained down, it came as no surprise that the city of Gurgaon virtually came to a standstill. With vehicles stuck … Continue reading Rain Dance

The nauka

"Do you want to make a boat?" There was a hint of concern in the man's voice - he seemed to have mistaken our behaviour as a threat to his livelihood. Up until then, the nawik was quite cheerful. He encouraged us to feed the birds. Another man on another boat sailed by, selling goodies … Continue reading The nauka

Looking up

We look up - When we yearn for rain, Or rays of sunshine And for a silver lining. We look up - When we dream, Or think of the struggle ahead, And when we succeed. We look up - Whether for strength, Or for hope, And in glory. To see what other people around the world are … Continue reading Looking up