Digital Art

This page is home to several forms of digital artwork. While some of the images featured here have been mentioned in dedicated posts, most have made themselves comfortable on this page!

‘Letter To Unniyarcha’


‘Weaving Colours’

‘The friends I made during the year’

‘Happy Deepavali’

‘Something that kept me a little busy’

‘Belated Happy Holi!’ & ‘Going retro!’

Poster, Campaigns, Layouts, Compositions and Vector Illustrations

11 replies on “Digital Art”

Thank you dear Shirley! There is no set amount of time… a lot of the work here was part of my student life… there are times when you are inspired and it takes only a couple of hours or even a few minutes… but some of the art work here has taken months and the 3d rendering of the girl took almost a year – mostly because I was still learning and practicing my lessons on her… my current line of work no longer involves this type of work but I still do get opportunities to work on still graphics and even now it is hard for me to estimate the time it would take πŸ™‚

One thing is clear though – if the outcome is liked, it makes the effort and the time worthwhile!

Thanks once again for shopping by!


Thank you so much, Maria. These images are quite old now… mostly student/voluntary work. Not much to add to this unfortunately. Have been meaning to archive this section, but am sort of selfish too πŸ™‚ thanks for visiting!

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