Weekend coffee share

If we were having coffee, I would talk about the changing season. The fast pace with which all the leaves have fallen out, how the streets below are covered with brown crunchy leaves, and how quickly the new red leaves have filled in the void above.

I would have thought out loud – is there a hint, a message there?

* * *

I’d tell you that I’ve been contemplating submitting a couple of stories for publication. And it scares me to no end.

My blog feels like home, and writing here feels like a warm embrace. But out there, a publication looks like a warzone, and every character I type feels like an arrow that’s ready to rip apart my soul.

As I refill our mugs, I’d confess to you, that for six months the stories have gathered dust – idling on a word editor, waiting for me to send that email I drafted so long ago.

High on caffeine, I’d hear your encouraging words. What’s the worst that could happen? If it gets rejected, it’s okay. I’m here. I’ll listen.

10 thoughts on “Weekend coffee share

  1. Do send it for reviews to your friends and get feedback. Once ready send it to as many publishers as possible. Dont go via agents. There will be rejections but if your work is good you will definitely find a publisher. Grapevine publishing is one which encourages new writers. You can try it. And at the end, there is always an option to self-publish! Until and unless you dont write daily and follow your dream, it’s going to gather dust! And sometimes we feel the work is not so good to publish but in actuality it’s! Which is were the initial unbiased feedback from friends works. Do try it. Dont let it go waste!! You can atleast publish as an ebook!! Make use of so many easy platforms available these days for paperback and ebook!

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